export playlist from ipod

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  • Playlist 1.1

    Now you can get a sidebar player for the lists of your playlist.com by using this handy widget. It allows you to easily drag and drop from
  • WMP Playlist 2.3

    WMP Playlist is a tool that will only print your playlists and make a compact playlist label for your CD case. It provides no playlist management. All
  • EZ-Playlist 1.61.1

    EZPlaylist is a MP3 tagger, renamer, cataloguer, browser, Playlist Manager and report creator. With this plug-ins, make your own playlist with your
  • YOU FM Playlist 1.1

    Dieses Widget zeigt den aktuell gespielten Song von YOU FM
  • hr3 Playlist 1.2

    Dieses Widgets zeigt die Sendung und den aktuell gespielten Titel von hr3
  • GRP Playlist 0.2

    The GRP Playlist is a Noatun playlist plugin. It is a playlist inspired by ZInf, in which you can organize your Multimedia files in groups based on
  • Playlist Creator 3.6.2

    The name of the program says it all - with Playlist Creator you can create playlists easily and quickly. The composition and creation of a playlist is
  • Playlist Extractor 0.03

    This application reads in a play lists (atm m3u, m3u8 and wpl) and copy's all files(songs) from the play list to an preferred location like a
  • Playlist Downloader 1.1.6

    Playlist Downloader 1.1.6 offers you a useful download manager which allows you to effortlessly download entire playlists of music off of Playlist.
  • Online Playlist 1

    Chat, send files, and get online playlist of Arabian rock and metal bands. Online Playlist 1 gives online rock & metal playlist for arabian bands.
  • foo playlist tree 3.0.5

    You can use handy software application foo playlist tree for handling hierarchical and dynamic playlists. You can use same syntax as
  • MP3 Playlist Generator 1.0.0

    MP3 Playlist Generator 1.0.0is created to be a simple to use yet ideal application which is dessigned for enumerating a specifically-structured MP3
  • PlayList Syncronizer

    PlayList Syncronizer is a useful program which is created to help you to easily move your songs (or other files) by playlist (m3u, m3u8, pls,
  • Mp3 PlayList Maker 3.941

    Mp3 Playlistmaker is an application which tags, plays and organizes (add information about a song into the song) and much more.Version restrictions:-
  • Micro Playlist 1.0.0

    Easily edit your XML-based playlists. Easily edit your XML-based playlists. Micro Playlist was created by keeping in mind that users know a little
  • Playlist Builder 1.34

    Playlist builder is designed to create playlist files (*.lst) for Alcorn McBride Inc. products. Create a new file in Playlist Builder and select the
  • Playlist Producer 1.0

    The Magnificent Playlist Producer lets you create music compilations at the click of a button.Build your playlist, arrange your songs, then export to
  • SomaFM Playlist 1.2

    An interactive playlist for the 5 most recent songs played on your chosen SomaFM Radio Station. This Widget contains Amazon.com and iTunes
  • Mp3 Playlist Creator 2.0

    Edit tag information (title, artist, album) of the group of MP3
  • MP3 Playlist Tool 1.0

    Enjoy a free simple program that creates and plays audio playlists. 100% Spyware / Adware Free with no restrictions. Portable and can be run
  • Kexp Playlist 1.4

    Keep listening to kexp and see what is playing Now, and what DJ and show is on the air! Start the MP3 or WMX stream. If you like the song, remember
  • ASX Playlist Buddy 3.0

    Finally an A.S.X. play list compiler & auto start stand alone mp3 CD builder ! ASX Buddy was built to compile straight mp3 CD's that automatically
  • Playlist Grepper Alpha 2

    A simple play list maker. Type, Search, and Enjoy! Current Version: ALPHA 2 - Taking comments and suggestions. The life of this application comes
  • Playlist Blender 1.2.2

    Playlist Blender??? is great for iTunes mp3 collections that are large, Eclectic and constantly growing! Playlist Blender is a shareware utility
  • WZ Playlist Converter -

    Converts paths in *.m3u playlists, between standart Windows format and 8.3 DOS format. This resolves incompatibility issues of playlists created in
  • Sprintbit Playlist Manager 7.6

    Sprintbit Playlist Manager is a powerful playlist creator and manager with multimedia players. You can create playlist of your favorite media files or
  • DioneSS Playlist Editor 3.0

    [DioneSS] AudioLogic is a solid application that provides the missing link for Integrating Digital Audio Managment on your Desktop. Finally, you have
  • AmoK Playlist Copy 2.01

    Probably you know the scenario: You have a playlist (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes or Foobar) with your favourite music but as soon as you want
  • Dynamic Playlist Creator 2.0

    Dynamic Playlist Creator is a free application, which can be used for effective and simple music management. It has many features such like MP3 tags
  • Scheduled Playlist Manager 12.0

    Automate your music and schedule what you want to hear and when. Generate Playlists for your Computer. Tag and organize your music. Description:
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  • iDumpPod2Backup

    iDumpPod2Backup provides an easy way to backup and restore an entire ipod or selected albums, tracks and playlists. Take iDumpPod2Backup for a spin to see just how useful it can be for you! This application provides an
  • Wondershare iPod Video Transfer 3.0.17

    Wondershare ipod Transfer is a handy and easy-to-use ipod to PC Transfer program. You can easily transfer music / video from ipod to computer and transfer PC to ipod. It works like ipod Video Transfer and ipod Music
  • 4Easysoft iPod Manager 3.3.36

    4Easysoft ipod Manager packs three splendid ipod softwares: DVD/video to ipod Converter, ipod to PC Manager and PC to ipod Manager. So it can convert DVD/video to ipod, copy ipod files to Computer directly and import
  • Abdio IPOD Video Converter 6.86

    Abdio ipod Video Converter is a quickly convert Media file formats to ipod including searchable FLV to ipod,AVI to ipod,ASF to ipod,ipod to ipod,AVS to ipod,MKV to ipod,MOV to ipod,3GP to ipod,MP4 to ipod,MPG to
  • Apple iPod To PC

    Now you can easily transfer Audio/Video files from ipod to your computer by using handy software application Apple ipod To PC. Its key features are as follow: it has easy to use interface that makes your task very easy
  • AVCWare iPod to iPod iTunes Transfer

    All-in-one ipod to ipod, ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes Transfer software, AVCWare ipod to ipod/Computer/iTunes Transfer automatically transfers your ipod and iPhone music, video, playlist, photos back to PC and
  • 4Videosoft iPhone to Mac Transfer 3.2.10

    4Videosoft iPhone to Mac Transfer can copy and backup and sync all your music and movie on iPhone/ipod to Mac fast and smoothly. It fully supports iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and all the ipod versions. Possessing this
  • iPod to Mac Copy 2.10

    ipod to Mac Copy is an ipod to Mac transfer app that copy music songs from ipod to Mac computer. The app is always used for recovery of iTunes library if you have computer crashes or iTunes library corrupted. And if you
  • xPort 4.86

    xPort is the most efficient backup tool for your ipod, it enables you to export songs from your ipod to your computer without loosing any rating, because it is able to recognize your playlists. Accomplishing that
  • Pod Player 1.6.1

    The freeware application Pod Player allows you to connect your ipod with any computer for playing music from ipod. When you will start it, it will search for an attached ipod and after finding reads the ipod music
  • MediaSanta iPod Converter 5.0

    MediaSanta ipod Converter is a convert almost all video formats to ipod including 3GP to ipod,AVI to ipod, ASF to ipod,WMV to ipod,AVS to ipod,MKV to ipod,MOV to ipod,3GP to ipod,MP4 to ipod,MPG to ipod,MPEG to ipod, DAT
  • 4Easysoft iPad Manager 3.2.28

    4Easysoft iPad Manager works as the all-in-one iPad Manager for you to manage iPad including iPad Video Creator, iPad to PC Manager, PC to iPad Manager. So it can convert DVD/video to iPad, backup iPad files to Computer
  • 4Easysoft iPod Mate 4.1.10

    4Easysoft ipod Mate packs four ipod software for ipod fans, DVD to ipod Converter, ipod Video Converter, ipod Manager, and iPhone Ringtone Converter. So, it can help you convert DVD to ipod, convert all popular videos to
  • Wondershare iTransfer 2.0.3

    Transfer video/audio from ipod/iPhone to PC Wondershare iTransfer is the easy-to-use transfer tool for iPhone/ipod. It performs as both ipod/iPhone Video Transfer and ipod/iPhone Music Transfer. You can easily
  • Wondershare iPod Transfer 1.2.0

    Wondershare iTransfer is the easy-to-use transfer tool for iPhone/ipod. It performs as both ipod/iPhone Video Transfer and ipod/iPhone Music Transfer. You can easily transfer music and videos from your ipod/iPhone to
  • Macsome iPod Transfer 2.3.0

    Macsome ipod Transfer can transfer files among ipod, iPhone, iTunes and Mac. It is a ipod file transfer tool which can transfer ipod videos, copy music and more from Mac to ipod. Meanwhile, it also can transfer ipod
  • Macsome iPod Transfer for Win 1.1.0

    Macsome ipod Transfer can transfer files among ipod, iPhone, iTunes and Mac. It is an ipod file transfer tool which can transfer ipod videos, copy music and more from PC to ipod. Meanwhile, it also can transfer ipod
  • Aiseesoft iPod Photo Transfer 6.1.30

    Aiseesoft ipod Photo Transfer is the best ipod Photo Manager which can help users import local photo files to ipod, and export ipod photos and camera roll to computer or iTunes without losing anything. Also it allows
  • 4Easysoft iPod Manager for Mac 3.3.18

    4Easysoft ipod Manager for Mac is the special-designed Mac ipod Manager to manage ipod files. It is actually both the Mac to ipod Manager and ipod to Mac Manager, even DVD/video to ipod Converter, ipod to iTunes
  • IDeer IPod To Mac Transfer

    iDeer ipod to Mac Transfer software can transfer ipod to Mac with high speed. Transfer music songs, movie videos, play lists and photo pictures from ipod, ipod Touch to iTunes on Mac computer. ipod to Mac Transfer
  • iPod to Computer Transfer 5.3

    ipod to Computer Transfer 5.3 allows you to automatically transfers your ipod music/video/playlist/photos back to PC and iTunes. Sometimes when you reinstall your system or you just want to copy music from ipod to you
  • SharePod 3.9.0

    SharePod is a program developed for the people who don't want to install iTunes or any other type of software on their computer to import/export files from ipod. With this useful software, you don't have need to install
  • Tube Grabber 1.0.0

    Tube Grabber 1.0 is designed to download Youtube videos and convert to mpg or/and mp4, organize and store downloaded videos. This software can export to different formats (MPG and Mp4) and upload Youtube videos to ipod &
  • Tipard iPad Transfer for Mac Ultimate 6.1.36

    Tipard iPad Transfer for Mac Ultimate can help you replicate various of media files such as Podcast, TV shows, etc. from iPad to Mac or iTunes Database.It can help you put your iPad contacts saved as a database file so
  • AVCWare iPod to iPod/PC/iTunes Transfer

    AVCWare ipod to ipod/Computer/iTunes Transfer not only can transfer your ipod/iPhone music/video/playlist/photos back to PC, but also support ipod to iTunes transfer. If you own more than one ipods, it can simultaneously
  • Wondershare iPod ToolKit for Mac 1.9.6

    Wondershare ipod Toolkit for Mac is an ipod application suite including Wondershare Video to ipod Converter for Mac, DVD to ipod Converter for Mac and TransPod for Mac. It converts DVD and video/audio formats like AVI,
  • 4Videosoft iPhone 4 to Mac Transfer 3.2.26

    4Videosoft iPhone 4 to Mac Transfer is designed to copy and backup and sync all your music, movie, photo, ringtone on iPhone 4/ipod to Mac fast and smoothly. It fully supports iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPad 2,
  • Pod to PC 2.51

    Transfer, copy or rip music, video or playlist from ipod and iPhone to Windows PC and into iTunes. Features include: 1. Easily transfer any music or video files from any ipod onto your computer.2. Recover your music
  • iPod to Computer 4.21

    ipod to Computer Transfer is a powerful program that allows you to transfer the content of your ipod device to a computer hard drive. It is especially designed for ipod users. It can fast backup and copy Music, Movie,
  • Playlex 1.0

    SciLor's Playlex is a playlist exporter that allows to copy the files out of a m3u/txt playlist into one directory of your choice. For example when you have a nice playlist on your computer and want to listen it on your